About Wiltshire Dog Care


We are a family run business situated on the edge of the beautiful Salisbury Plain near Westbury, where we offer in house- daycare and boarding for daycare clients as an alternative to traditional boarding  kennels. Your dog is treated as a family pet and will have free range of the house and 3/4 of an acre garden. Being so close to the Plain means that we can give your dog extensive exercise with a variety of different routes. We also own a large fenced paddock in a near-by village which we use on busier days to provide a risk free environment to excersie the dogs. This contains a cosy shepherds hut to provide them with shelter in bad weather.


The dogs in our care are very rarely left alone  as there are three adults at home most of the time available to offer constant company, cuddles and stimulation for your dog.


++ Update++ The premises were inspected under the new comprehensive Animal Welfare Regulations by the Wiltshire Council Public Protection Officer in December 2018 and were granted a new 3 year Licence with top marks of 5 Stars.  We are also the first dog care business to become an approved member of the Wiltshire Council Buy with Confidence Scheme, giving you peace of mind that your dog will be safe and happy in our care. We also hold insurance with the Pet Business Insurance .


Looking after dogs all day is an absolute dream for me and I consider myself extremely lucky to be in a position where I am able to fulfill it. Running this business is not like work for me as sharing the company of dogs and photographing them is what I love to do most.


I have owned many dogs during my life and have also worked in kennels , as a groomer and as a volunteer for the Plymouth Dogs and Cats Home where I would frequently " borrow " dogs for the weekends, one of which I could not part with !


In my experience another advantage of this type of care is that dogs have the chance to socialize with each other whilst they are here. For dogs who do not usually have this opportunity it is a wonderful experience for them to feel part of a small pack (generally 4-6 dogs ) for a whole day or more and we find that the bonding process happens very quickly and they thrive in each others company. Having the opportunity to play all day under supervision, whether chasing each other or playing with toys. We even have some dogs who love to use our dog agility course and for the very energetic we have an automatic tennis ball throwing machine !


We have been in operation since 2010 and have many clients who return regularily as they value the personal care and attention which we offer to them and their dogs.


Prior to your dog coming to stay we like to meet you all at our house, this is for your benefit as well as ours, and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions. In addition this meeting will help us to create a bond with your dog so that it is a familiar environment for him when he returns and for you to feel comfortable that we can provide what you need.


For your peace of mind you can rest assured that I am not a drinker and can therefore be relied upon to always be in a responsible and legal position to drive your dog to a vet should the occasion arise. There are also no smokers in the house so no passive dog smokers either !


The only other thing that we ask you to do is to fill in booking and consent forms which provide us with your contact details and confirmation of vaccinations including kennel cough etc ,If your dog has not had a current kennel cough vaccination you may wish to have this done 10 days before your dog comes for his stay , but it is not compulsory .You will be provided with our forms during your first visit or I can email them.


As your dog will be in a family environment which includes one child over 14 and other dogs , we would ask that your dog has been recently wormed and treated for ticks and fleas and must of course be able to get on with all the above.


Due to the risk of aggression and dominance in a pack situation we are unable to take intact males.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Wiltshire Council Trading Standards Approved

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